Auto-Thick System

Imperial Auto-Thick™ System

On-Demand Beverage Thickening


Auto-Thick is the most operationally efficient thickened beverage system available.  Fast-Flow taps save time at facilities with a sizable population on thickened liquids.  Nectar and Honey Thick Waters are blended with the beverage bases of your choice, to produce a variety of flavors that residents enjoy for hydration.  It’s fast, efficient, precise and cannot be out-performed!

Auto-Thick in Action – Part 1:


System Highlights

  • Expanded Selection of flavors increases resident satisfaction and reduces costs.
  • Consolidated Inventory simplifies the ordering process and saves storage space.
  • Consistent Thickness in nectar or honey eliminates manual mixing for greater safety.
  • Fast-Flow Dispensing reduces demand on labor and streamlines operations.



Manually mixing thickened beverages is labor intensive and never absolutely consistent. Costly pre-packaged portion cups and bottles are only available in a limited selection, require constant inventory management, and demand substantial storage space. These realities created the need for an alternative, superior solution… and Auto-Thick is the answer!


Auto-Thick in Action – Part 2:


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The more you know:

Dysphagia – The Condition of Difficulty With Swallowing  (Source:

  • A disorder of the throat or esophagus that prevents movement of food and liquids to the stomach.
  • Can occur at any age, but is most common in older adults.
  • Complications include: Dehydration, Pneumonia, Malnutrition, and Upper Respiratory Infections.
  • Treatment: Thickened liquids, often prescribed by Speech Pathologists, Registered dietitians, and Physicians.