Auto-Thick System

Imperial Auto-Thick System

On-Demand Integrated Thickened & Regular Beverage Dispensing System


The Active Wellness® Auto-Thick System is the most operationally efficient integrated thickened and regular beverage dispensing system ever produced.  The Fast-Flow Tap design allows for quick filling and utilizes a Nectar and Honey Water Base Sub-System for consistent thickness in a variety of flavors that residents enjoy, plus reduces cost.  It’s fast, efficient, precise and cannot be out-performed!

Auto-Thick in Action – Part 1:

System Highlights

  • Regular & Thickened beverages dispensed from one machine for space and cost-savings.
  • Extensive Selection of products available for increased variety and resident satisfaction.
  • Consistent Thickness in nectar or honey with no manual mixing for the safety of residents.
  • Fast-Flow Dispensing reduces demand on labor which provides operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Consolidated Inventory simplifies the ordering process and saves on storage space.

Thickened beverages are an important part of senior care food service, with various problems found in their manual production. The high cost and limited selection of pre-packaged thickened products, and the related inventory and storage issues developed the need for an alternative, superior solution.  Auto-Thick is the solution!

Auto-Thick in Action – Part 2:

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The more you know:

Dysphagia – The Condition of Difficulty With Swallowing  (Source:

  • A disorder of the throat or esophagus that prevents movement of food and liquids to the stomach.
  • Can occur at any age, but is most common in older adults.
  • Complications include: Dehydration, Pneumonia, Malnutrition, and Upper Respiratory Infections.
  • Treatment: Thickened liquids, often prescribed by Speech Pathologists, Registered dietitians, and Physicians.